kie willis

Kie Willis is one of the worlds most renown Freerunners/Parkour Practitioners. With over 12 years training and 10 years as a professional, he has won and podium placed in numerous prestigious competitions within the sport, starred and modelled in advertising campaigns for high profile clients, choreographed and performed in hundreds of performances and gained millions of views through YouTube.

Based in London UK, Kie joined the no.1 freerunning team in the world "Storm Freerun" and helped them push their success to what it is today.

Competition Rankings -

1st Jambo Speed Challenge in Italy
1st World Aquatic Parkour Masters in China
1st Puma FreeRunning Race in Buenos Aires                                                                        

2nd Desafio Urbano Speed Challenge in Sao Paulo, Brazil
3rd and won the Sickest Trick award at the RedBull Art of Motion in Yokohama, Japan
2nd at the Redbull Art of Motion in Kuwait

Paul "Blue" Joseph

Paul is one of the founders of the Storm Freerun team, and has been training for over 15 years. His extreme sports background and experience have made him one of the most creative and stylish freerunners around today.

Paul has an extensive range of work in front of camera, and his work includes shoots for tv, magazines, newspapers and live performance. Examples of his work include

  • Commercials for Nokia, Guinness, LG, Sony Ericsson, Orange, Relentless, BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Discovery Channel, Peugeot
  • Live performances for Royal Variety, Vauxhall, Red Bull, Mercedes, DHL, Microsoft, Swatch, Honda, Top Gear

Lynn jung

Lynn Jung is one of the most successful and high profile female freerunners and parkour practitioners in the world.

Coming from a strong dance and circus background, Lynn has developed a unique style of movement, combining explosive powerful moves with a graceful demeanor. Lynn has competed in the most prestigious competitions within the sport, with her greatest achievement to date being winning Best Female Athlete at the world’s most popular Freerunning competition Red Bull Art of Motion.

With over a decade of performance experience, Lynn has featured in theatre, commercials, films, fashion events and on extended tours for major blue-chip companies, including Puma, Swarovski, Audi and O2.

Her great selection of skills and her passion for movement make her one of the most experienced and thrilling Freerunners worldwide and an invaluable asset to the team. 


Competition rankings -

Best Female award winner at Red Bull Art of Motion 2016

Semi Finalist and highest ranking woman at Vigo Street Stunts 2016

3rd place at Apex International women's style competition 2016

Joseph Henderson

Known as the ‘People’s Champion’ of parkour, Joseph Henderson is widely regarded as the world’s fastest freerunner, having podium-placed in all of the world’s major parkour speed competitions.


With over 11 years of experience, this 21 year old athlete has performed at live corporate events and festivals across the UK and globally, and has starred, modelled and acted in advertising campaigns for high-profile clients including New Era, Jacqueline Wilson, Just Eat and BBC One.


Known for his jaw-dropping explosivity and raw, efficient movement-style Joseph has accumulated a large following on social media and regularly works with brands to promote across these platforms. 


1st place Freerun Hefei City
2nd place NAPC 2017
1st place Hop the Block
1st place NAPC 2016
1st place Apex International Qualifiers

Phil Doyle

Profile Coming Soon.