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A collection of stills with a look behind the scenes

Principle shooting for this project began in early April 2019, even before we headed out to Madrid to shoot that video project! Due to a few hold ups here and there with scheduling conflicts, even though total shoot time only came to 8 nights, the video took over 4 months to complete!

While scouting the location in daylight it became quickly clear that it was a really ugly place and wouldn’t look great on camera. Fortunately we’ve been planning on doing a night shoot for over 5 years now which would lend itself really well to this location. Using lights and shooting at night meant we could pick and choose what background elements we want to show and make it a bit easier to hide some of the less aesthetic aspects of the location.

On top of this, Ed had put together a list of insane lines and movements including some NBD’s which we were unsure if he’d be able to execute them in daylight, let alone at night.

With this form of lighting being a new medium for Kie to work with (Director), and it making visibility a lot more difficult for Ed (Athlete), the first night was really a test to see how the camera would handle the lighting situation, and how much the decreased visibility would affect Eds performance. A key question was if it would restrict the movement too much to the point where it wouldn’t even be worth it. With the first night turning out more positive than we could’ve hoped, it looked promising that this project was going to become something really special!

Overall we’re super stoked how the project turned out. Mad props to Ed for pulling off some truly incredible lines in a far from ideal environment and savage filming times (often shooting through to 3am). It’s a true testament of this drive and ability as an athlete.

Check out the full video below -



Redbull AOM is back for the 11th year, but this time, at a new location in Matera, Italy. Currently scheduled for the 5th of October 2019 (on site qualifiers still not announced yet but expected to be around the 2nd of October)

This years AOM features a few key changes from previous years. The total athlete line up will be made of 12 Male athletes and 6 Female as opposed to the previous years of only having 3 Women participate. In addition to this, only the winner of the previous AOM is pre-qualified, as opposed to previous years when all finalists had their ticket to the next years comp guaranteed! The comp format features similarly to previous years with there being 2 rounds - semi finals and finals. For the semi finals the athletes will be divided into groups of 6 from which the top 2 advance (2 groups of 6 men and 1 group of 6 women). The finals will consist of the top 4 men and top 2 women going head to head for the trophy.

How to qualify?

Pre qualified athletes are Alexander Titarenko (winner of the previous AOM), and Krystian Kowalewski (winner of the AirWipp Challenge)

Throughout July you can submit videos for the onsite qualifier (top 4 men and top 4 women chosen will be invited)

Redbull has also partnered with NAPC (16-18 August) in Vancouver, and Lion City Gathering (12-15 September) in Singapore - the winning athlete from the Style events here also qualify for AOM (important to note that it is only the top men from these events)

And finally there is the onsite qualifier at Matera where the top 3 men and 2 women will get through to the main comp.

There will also be a local Italian qualifier to select the Italian wild card.

Online qualifier video guidelines -

Length: Video should be no longer than 90 seconds (if the video is longer, only the first 90 seconds of content will be taken into consideration).

  • The focus should be on the athlete.

  • Only one person (the athlete) should be visible and performing.

  • The face of the participant has to be visible throughout the video.

  • All scenes in the video have to be filmed outdoors, not in a gym facility or any other controlled environment.

  • No crash pads allowed.

  • Show the landings. All your landings must be visible.

  • Upload your video on: Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, Twitter, Vimeo, VK, YouTube

Online qualifier judging criteria -

  • Creativity: Use your body and your environment as creatively as you can.

  • Difficulty: Show moves that stand out and make the judges' jaws drop.

  • Flow: Combine your moves, try out cool lines and keep moving instead of just showing off single tricks.

  • Execution: Show the judges that you have total control of your moves. Make sure you show them your safe and clean landings – that's crucially important for the judges.

  • Overall performance: Show us what you've got, since this is your chance to earn your spot among the greatest freerunners in the world!

You can submit your video and read more here -


Brighton sessions

A collection of stills taken by Kie Willis of the boys training out in Brighton over a couple of days