Joseph Henderson

Known as the ‘People’s Champion’ of parkour, Joseph Henderson is widely regarded as the world’s fastest freerunner, having podium-placed in all of the world’s major parkour speed competitions.

With over 11 years of experience, this 21 year old athlete has performed at live corporate events and festivals across the UK and globally, and has starred, modelled and acted in advertising campaigns for high-profile clients including New Era, Jacqueline Wilson, Just Eat and BBC One.

 Known for his jaw-dropping explosivity and raw, efficient movement-style Joseph has accumulated a large following on social media and regularly works with brands to promote across these platforms. 


1st place Freerun Hefei City
2nd place NAPC 2017
1st place Hop the Block
1st place NAPC 2016
1st place Apex International Qualifiers

Instagram - Joseph.hendo (102,000 followers)