The Long Fit Wreath Hoody

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The Long Fit Wreath Hoody

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The ultimate Storm Hoodie! Designed by freerunners for freerunners. Every aspect of the design is carefully managed to be ideal for a freerunner. Flexible materials that allow you to move freely. This high-quality product is long-lasting and durable. Marked for its quality with our Premium Gold Storm embroidered emblem reserved for our highest-quality products.

This hoody has a unique dual purpose hood ideal for keeping warm in winter as well as "invisible" side pockets for keeping your hands warm!

Size guide:

Length: 76
Sleeve length: 82cm
Chest: 52cm
Hem width: 44cm

Length: 80cm
Sleeve length: 84cm
Chest: 58cm
Hem width: 50cm

Length: 82cm
Sleeve length: 85cm
Chest: 61cm
Hem width: 53cm

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